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Fendt Cargo T955 Telehandler

Fendt Cargo T955 Telehandler

Out and about with Fendt Cargo T955 telehandler

The TR Machinery team have been demonstrating the impressive Fendt Cargo T955 recently. With an elevating cab which can raise to a sight level of 4.25m and 360° visibility - it does not disappoint.

 Details that make all the difference:
  • Unique, high-speed and vibration-dampened cab for perfect 360° all-round visibility and a unique view of the working tool
  • Solid and durable construction for maximum reliability
  • Strong telescopic arm with centring and lateral guidance
  • Enormous breakaway torque of wheel loader proportions
  • Small turning radius despite long wheelbase
  • Powerful, stepless transmission
  • Powerful hydraulics giving around 200 l/min
  • 100% differential lock and levelling
  • Large diesel tank
Elevating cab

Use the foot pedal on the move to continuously raise the cab up to 4.25 m on the visual axis. This gives you a perfectly clear view to fill high-sided vehicles.


The swing arm has Z-kinematics. This system uses the maximum force of the hydraulic cylinder. The pushing cylinder achieves a breakaway torque of up to 85 kN.

Overload system

The telescopic arm reaches from the front wheel to the centre of gravity of the pallet fork (max. 4350 mm). To prevent overload and the machine tipping forward, the Fendt Cargo T is equipped with an overload system.


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