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Fendt 211 Testimonial

Fendt 211 Testimonial

"Turfs Up" with Two New Fendt 211 Tractors

Wrekin Turf is a 35 year old family business that employs 5 people on its 150 acre farm. Turf is grown and supplied to domestic and commercial customers in and around Shropshire.

There first purchase from TR Machinery was two new Fendt 211 tractors that they find comfortable and easy to drive. Mark from Wrekin Turf said, "There's more technology on the Fendt 211s than other tractors we have had, and they are easy to drive."

Mark has found the cab of the Fendt 211 comfortable and a nice workspace to be in. The cruise control option has also come in handy on the turf farm and the Vario transmission is a great option. 

Mark added, "In comparison to the other tractors we run, the Fendt is a great and easy drive." He also mentioned that he noticed the fuel efficiency was very good with an average of 3.8L an hour when using the turf harvester. 

On his dealings with TR Machinery as a whole, Mark has found the experience very good, not only on the sales side, but with the servicing too. He particularly mentioned Sam from TR servicing was great, very friendly and as soon as he's called, Sam is on his way! 

Marks hopes for the future are to grow his business and increase his customer base.    

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