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Welsh Small Grant Efficiency: Sumo Eligible Items

Welsh Small Grant Efficiency: Sumo Eligible Items

The Welsh Small Grant Efficiency scheme has recently launched which allows farmers to access a grant for products via Rural Payments Wales (RPW). The grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards capital investments in equipment and machinery (excl. VAT).

Applications close on 16th April 2024

Qualifying Sumo Machinery: 

Subsoilers (max grant value: £3097) 


  • Minimum working width of 2.7m
  • Minimum 2 legs
  • Cutting disc preceding each subsoil leg
  • Rear roller consilidation
  • Depth control

Sumo Eligible Models:      LDS      GLS  Trailed subsoiler with leading discs fitted 


Aerators (max grant value £2124)


Grassland aerator aerating:

  • A minimum of 100mm perforators
  • Ability to attach a 3-point linkage or towed by a tractor unit
  • Minimum width of 3m

Sumo Eligible Model:      GLA


Minimum Tillage/Ciltivators (max grant value: £9157) 


Multi component one pass/reduced cultivation machine consiting of:

  • A minimum of three different soil engaging parts
  • Two of the soil engaging parts to be separate rows of either fixed tines, discs, loosening legs or spring tines
  • Third soil engaging part must be a rear packer, crumbler, roller, rings or shouldered rings
  • Minimum of 3m working width

Sumo eligible models:      Trio   Quatro     Multipress    Trailed Mixidisc   Vaxio


Direct Drill (max grant value: £9731) 


Direct or slot seed drill capable of sowing grass, clover, herbs and forage crops into undisturbed soil:

  • Minimum 2.7m working width
  • Seed metered and delivered through either pneumatic or mechanical mechanism
  • Seed delivered directly into pre-prepared slot produced by disc or sot mechanism in undisturbed soil
  • Seed placed at consistent depth

Sumo Eligible Models:    DD     DTS 

For full information on the Small Grant Efficiency scheme, click here

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