Fendt 936 Testimonial - Peter Vaughan

Fendt 936 Testimonial - Peter Vaughan

Four counties farmer is a Fendt fan!

Peter Vaughan is a second generation livestock and arable farmer who lives near Kingsland in Herefordshire. His farther started farming there sixty years ago, and was a Doctor's son. Peter and his six workers manage sheep, cattle, chickens, corn and potatoes across his land that spans over four counties. 

Due to the amount of travelling Peter and his workers do, he decided to purchase a Fendt 936 because of its speed ad ability to get to his land. Peter said, "The 936 is the best tractor we've ever had on the farm, it has a very good engine and the workers adore it! We changed from a Fendt 939 as the Fendt 936 is a slightly smaller tractor  but its has a long torque base so it suits our needs better."

Peter runs several tractors, including John Deere, Massey Ferguson and several Fendts. He was also one of the first farmer to buy a Fendt Vario. He also added that the Fendt 936 is very good on fuel efficiency and can run at 1500 rpm all dat at full power. Peter also likes the variable pressure tyres, Variogrip. 

The Fendt 936 is used with a 3 row bed tiller during potato season, utilising the 350-400 horsepower very well. It is also used for drilling corn in the autumn.

Peter has been a long term customer of TR Machinery and its sister companu RVW Pugh. As a result, he feels that the company as a whole is very good and very happy with the sales and aftercare service that he recieves. Peter's son has just bought a potato lifter and Peter is looking to increase his fleet of tractors with a Fendt 728 in the coming months. 

More features that the Fendt 900 series tractors boast are the iD low-speed concept, enabling reaching the highest torque at low speeds and permantly low fuel consumption. There is also an option to have up to three screens, colour coding for different function groups and a 3L joystick with reverse button. It also has a self cleaning air filter that is blown out whilst driving and reduces rolling when cornering which means increased safety and improved ride comfort.

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